Joe DeSena

Joe DeSena, creator of the Spartan Races, is an extreme athlete so extreme that other extreme athletes say, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Find out how he’s trying to spread the word that we’re all far more powerful than we even realize.

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Unigeezer: Single Track Mind

Ever hear of extreme unicycling? It’s the latest extreme sport to create a buzz and one of its biggest stars is Terry Peterson, aka the Unigeezer. The 54-year-old is constantly taking on new challenges and setting new world records.

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Ray Zahab

Ray Zahab is one of the most amazing people you’ve probably never heard of. Find out how he went from coach potato to setting a world record in the world’s most extreme place.

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Silver Surfers

Surf’s up for men and women of all ages! The world’s biggest Surf Expo is for buyers and sellers only, so we took our cameras inside to give you a tour. We found a booming industry that is Growing Bolder every year.

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