Joel Grey


If you’re really lucky in showbiz, you get a role or song in a show so juicy you can take your part and make it so much your own that the audience can’t imagine anyone else doing it.

That’s exactly what happened to the great Joel Grey — twice.

He originated the roles of the Master of Ceremonies in the 1966 production of Caberet on Broadway and the Wizard of Oz in 2003’s Wicked.

Grey is also one of those rare actors to score the show business hat trick by winning a Golden Globe, an Oscar and a Tony.

He has done it all but he’s not done yet. In his 70s, he began a new career as a creative photographer. Now that he’s turning 80, he’s showing us what’s possible and why it’s never too late to keep growing and trying new things.

Grey explains why the odds were against Cabaret and why no one thought a musical about Nazis in the 1930s would — or should — succeed as a musical. But it far exceeded anyone’s wildest expectations. He explains how he helped create and shape the role of the MC.

Plus, he reveals why he was attracted to photography and why he thought he could have a third or fourth career in his 70s.

He also proves you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to take a great picture. Find out why his trusty 1.3 megapixel Nokia phone, which he says shouldn’t have made a decent photo to save its life, provided him stunning photos for a book of photography.

Grey offers tips for taking your own great photos, with something as simple as a camera phone, and why he continues to keep accepting new and challenging acting roles.

To see some of Grey’s photos, including stunning images from his new book, “1.3: Images From My Phone,” click here to visit his website.