Diamond Dallas Page


You probably know Diamond Dallas Page as one of the true legends of professional wrestling. He’s a three-time WCW world champion and a four-time World Tag Team Champion.

He’s also one of the great all-time reinventors.

These days, he’s a motivational speaker, a nutrition expert, a fitness guru and founder of DDP Yoga, a unique program responsible for some pretty amazing results.

He explains how a former wrestling champ becomes not only a yoga instructor but also the founder of an entirely new type of yoga.

Dallas tells us his entire career is proof that it’s never too late to find your true purpose. He didn’t start wrestling until he was 35, and his career didn’t take off until he was 40. He says he was constantly trying to find ways to hold back the hands of time, so he became an expert on exercise and nutrition.

Then, a severe back injury at the height of his wrestling career led him to yoga after several doctors told him his injuries were career-ending.

He explains how he discovered that yoga could be a zero-impact workout that still burned a lot of calories.

Dallas also describes on of his most famous students — former paratrooper and combat veteran Arthur Boorman who couldn’t walk on his own any more before he tried the DDP Yoga program. Arthur’s doctors told him he’d never walk again without the aid of braces or canes.

Dallas explains how he and Arthur worked together to adapt his workout — and diet — to help Arthur heal himself. Find out how through proper nutrition and zero-impact exercise — and no surgery — Arthur lost more than 100 pounds and started to walk again. (Click here to watch the incredible video Diamond Dallas describes).

Dallas also discusses his “feud” with the late Randy Savage and how Randy actually was one of his dearest friends and responsible for launching Dallas’ career.

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