Stacy London


Are you fashionable or are you stylish? One of the top style gurus in the country says it’s time you stop worrying about the latest trends and start focusing on discovering your unique style.

Stacy London is the host of TLC’s hit show “What Not to Wear,” she see has appeared on countless programs to give styling tips, including “Today,” “Oprah,” and “Access Hollywood.”

She is part personal style guru and part psychotherapist. Stacy is known for helping women break down the emotional barriers that keep them attached to some unflattering fashion choices.

Stacy is also the author of new book, “The Truth About Style,” in which she shares her own emotional issues and their connections to her passion for fashion.

First, she explains the difference between style and fashion and explains how you can reclaim autonomy of true personal style.

Learn how to OWN your style using the raw materials you already have. No one else in the world can look like you, and that’s a good thing, Stacy says. 

Stacy explains why fear is the worst possible emotion when it comes to style. She says she doesn’t worry about the mistakes that people make — she worries that people are afraid to make them by not trying new things.

Plus, she discusses her journey from a 90-pound anorexic to a binge eater who gained nearly 100 pounds in one year. Find out how she got her eating disorders under control and how fashion, an industry known for its unhealthy and unrealistic body images, actually helped her start to feel better about herself.