Julie Jason


Over the past several years, we’ve all taken a hit with our retirement accounts. There have also been mortgage issues, rising health-care costs and uncertainty in areas that used to be tried and true.

Regardless of what’s happening around us, we can always do something that can have a positive impact on our financial future, according to one of the nation’s top retirement experts.

Julie Jason is a best-selling author, a personal portfolio manager and the author of the widely regarded “AARP Retirement Survival Guide.”

In her new book “Managing Retirement Wealth,” Julie gives people of all income levels the basic tips they need to know to start planning for retirement. She says the lessons apply, no matter how much money you have saved.

Given the fact that we’re living longer and our savings are dwindling, Julie explains if she thinks retiring at 62 or 65 is still a realistic option these days.

She says right now, she sees too many people who aren’t focused on the right things. FInd out what those things are and how investing differs at 30, 40, 50, 60 and beyond.

Plus, learn how a simple exercise can show you whether you’re on the right financial path to retirement.

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