Kate Walker


Like many people, when Kate Walker was in her late 50s, her knees were killing her. The former dancer was in constant pain from osteoporosis. Doctors told her it’d be difficult for her to simply walk around.

Rather than sitting on the sidelines, she wondered what would happen if she got stronger. She started power lifting. That was five years ago, and she’s now a world champion power lifter! She holds state, national and yes, world records.

Even though Kate was able to transfer the discipline of dancing to lifting, she says it was still very difficult to get started. Her knee was swollen, she was on crutches and she could barely walk. But she says she had a lot of faith that she would get better and a strong desire to get active again.

The 62-year-old explains how weight-lifting has given her confidence that she never felt in her life. She says it’s a wonderful activity for women to help them feel stronger, more courageous, vital and younger.

Her example is even leading women in her health club in Missouri to start signing up for competitions themselves.

Find out how she plans to smash her own world records and wait until you hear how much she can dead lift.

Click here to visit Kate’s website and see pictures and videos of her in action.