Katherine Beiers


More and more people say they’ve discovered the real Fountain of Youth, and it’s exercise! And for many of those people, running is their exercise of choice.

How far can running take you? Katherine Beiers says it’s led her to some incredible places. In 2015, the 82-year-old was the oldest person to complete the famed Boston Marathon. She is changing the stereotypes of what people believe is possible later in life and doing it with sweat and a smile.

Katherine explains the many benefits running brings to her life, from fitness to social rewards she never imagined. And this isn’t something she’s been doing forever — she didn’t even go for her first run until she was 48. She says she started running because she didn’t know how to do anything else. She the more she did it, the more she got hooked.

Now in her 80s, she still seeks new running adventures, including qualifying for and running 11 Boston Marathons.

Katherine is a woman who loves challenges of all sorts. This former librarian is also a former two-time mayor of Santa Cruz, California. Get inspired by her passion for life and new adventures.