Lee Grant


Lee Grant is an Academy Award winning actress and director, and she’s survived the kinds of hardships that could have easily left her bitter and disillusioned. Hers is a story of perseverance. 

In her new memoir, “I Said Yes to Everything,” she writes about all of her incredible episodes and the many iconic figures she’s met along the way. 

You probably remember her from her roles in films like “Shampoo” or “Valley of the Dolls,” but did you know over the last couple decades, she’s turned into an extraordinarily gifted documentary director, too? 

Lee explains how fighting aging was tied so closely to being blacklisted for 12 years in Hollywood, from the ages of 24 to 36, the prime years for most actors. She explains how she roped the mayor of Los Angeles into making her official age five years younger than she actually was. 

She shares the story of finally coming clean about her true age when she was outed by the Social Security Administration to her family. 

Lee reflects on aging and why no matter how old she gets, she still feels there’s a young girl inside her and it helps fuel her passion for living.