Lori Hope


Lori Hope is an award-winning journalist whose life changed forever when she learned that she had cancer. She says she saw the world from a completely different perspective.

She saw how uncomfortable friends and family were around her. They were not sure what to say or what to do to help. She learned what it feels like to be in that situation, what someone’s needs really are and are not. So after her recovery, she set out to write a book entitled, Help Me Live: 20 Things People with Cancer Want You to Know.

It’s a thoroughly researched work that explains what helps, what hurts and what heals and Hope writes a professional blog of that name for CarePages.com. Her writings and findings help take the intimidation out of staying in contact with loved ones going through such a trying time. She’ll teach you how to give them what they need the most — support and companionship.

“Help Me Live” has been featured widely in the media including The Today Show, Time,  Redbook, and The Wall Street Journal, and with so much of the country touched by the disease in one way or another, the book can help you, too.

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