Marilu Henner


She’s a great actor who appeared in shows like “Taxi” and films like “LA Story,” and she was also one of the earliest and loudest celebrities advocating for people to take charge or their own health. 

She’s also an author and teacher who helps people turn their lives around, and she does it by walking the walk. 

Both of Marilu Henner’s parents lost their lives at a young age — her father died of a massive heart attack in his early 50s and her mother died of arthritis at 58. 

Marilu knew that her habit of yo-yo dieting and not taking care of herself properly wasn’t going to cut it. So she became a student of health and the human body, taking classes, reading every book she could get her hands on and talking to any and every health expert she could find. 

She began to experiment on herself and in the late 1970s, decided to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and go vegan. And she’s never looked back. Now 60, she’s living proof that eating right, exercising and being proactive with your health can have positive results. 

Marilu is now also famous for her incredible memory — she can remember details, conversations and much more about nearly every single day of her life. 

She’s using that talent to help others with their memories in her new book, “Total Memory Makeover: Uncover Your Past and Take Charge of Your Future.” She explains how she helps people tap into their strengths to help their memories to come back. Marilu says everyone tells her they have a terrible memory, but she says she’s discovered ways to help people unlock their memories and help their brains continue to grow and thrive. She says her methods have even helped Alzheimer’s patients. 

Find out how her tips can even help you learn to recognize red flags in your past that lead to bad decisions.