Merl Reagle


Merl Reagle has been deemed the best Sunday crossword puzzle creator in the world.

His syndicated crossword has been described as having a “Far Side” sense of humor, and it appears in more than 50 newspapers, including the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and the Los Angeles Times.

Merl has had a lifetime affair with words and language. He created his first crossword at age 6 and sold his first one to the New York Times at 16.

He explains how he developed his “funny” crossword puzzles and how he helped create a new way of creating and playing puzzles.

Find out what it was like for this crossword puzzle creator to suddenly find himself a celebrity. He’s even appeared as himself on an episode of “The Simpsons,” in a documentary and on Oprah.

Merl also explains how doing crossword puzzles helps exercise the brain, leading to a healthier mind.

He’s so passionate about improved brain health that he’s partnered with the Alzheimer’s Foundation for The National Brain Game Challenge. Click here to find out how you can participate for a chance to win $2,500.