Pat Paciello


Although challenges still remain, retirement is a whole lot better than used to be. There are more opportunities available now than at any other time in history for you to reinvent yourself or to finally pursue your true passions. 

That’s exactly what Pat Paciello did when he retired at the age of 50. He became a first-time author with his book, “Has Anyone Seen My Reading Glasses? The Humorous and Slightly Informative Chronicles of a Retired Baby Boomer.” 

He says a slumping stock market gave him nightmares of leaving the retirement he was enjoying so much so he figured he better do something to make some more money. 

At first he tried his hand at writing a play but quickly decided he more qualified to write a book. 

Like the gang here at Growing Bolder, he says he discovered while researching his book that too many agencies and books treated retirement as a boring, dry enterprise. So, he had some fun with it!