Roz Savage


One of Growing Bolder’s favorite guests is back to update us on her amazing — and physically demanding — journey to raise awareness about our fragile environment.

Roz Savage would admit that she’s an unlikely world warrior. Once upon a time, she had a perfect job and a perfect life. But when she thought about what her obituary would say about her time on Earth, she wasn’t satisfied. So, she made big changes.

She became an environmental crusader. But she had to attract attention to get her message across. So she got in a boat and started to row. She became the first to row solo across the Atlantic. Now, she’s two-thirds of the way across the Pacific.

Listening to Roz will make you reexamine the path your on and inspire you to make some changes.

Check out Roz’s profile page, which features her blogs from her recent trip across the Pacific and videos of her arrival at the island of Tarawa in the central Pacific!