Tara Gidus


A generation or so ago, if you would have asked someone what they did for a living and they said “nutritionist” or “dietitian” you may have thought, “How do you make a living doing that?!?”

Now we know: how we eat means everything.

Tara Gidus is a nationally recognized expert on nutrition, fitness and wellness and is one of the hosts of the TV show “Emotional Mojo” on WE. She’s also a contributor to Growing Bolder Magazine and helps big organizations such as RunDisney and the Orlando Magic learn about the important ties between fitness and nutrition.

Tara’s life took a devastating turn a few years ago when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Helping his courageous battle gave her rare insight into what’s really important in life, especially after the disease took him from her and their sons.

She explains what she learned through her experiences with her husband about the importance of listening to our bodies and staying on top of taking care of our selves and being vigilant about changes to our bodies.

Tara also warns against others’ claims about food’s ability to “cure” cancer. She thoughtfully explains the vital role food plays in our health but urges caution about making it your be-all.

And the newly turned 40-year-old explains how she herself is healthier than ever and has become a faster marathon runner!

Click here to visit Tara’s site, DietDiva.net.