Tina Sloan


Actress Tina Sloan is a Hollywood rarity — she’s not afraid to look her age.

“I look like someone who IS my age, not someone pretending to be my age,” she tells Growing Bolder.

Tina has been starring in soap operas since the early 1970s, most famously portraying Nurse Lillian Gaines on Guiding Light from 1983 until the show ended in 2009.

Despite her industry’s youth-worshipping culture, Tina says never has and never will get a facelift. And casting agents are starting to take notice.

She tells us the surprising reaction she received when she told a room full of power players about her aversion to going under the knife and explains why it’s given her career a new life.

Tina has just written a new book called, “Changing Shoes: Getting Older — NOT OLD — With Style, Humor and Grace.” She explains how an old, comfortable pair of black flats made her look back over how her life and style has evolved over the years, and why she’s so comfortable being comfortable.

She’s also turned her book into a one-woman show that’s touring the country to sold-out shows.

Tina explains why it takes courage to be natural these days.

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