A Tribute to a Marketing Mastermind


“You don’t get over it. You get through it, but this kind of gave us a new life — a new path.”

Pamela and Olivia Sain’s names are listed as authors of the new book iBrand: The Next Generation but they say the inspiration and credit all belong to Gary Sain, the marketing mastermind and branding expert who also became one of the top tourism executives in the country.

Olivia was just 23 when her father suddenly died in 2012, and she says the loss left her looking for guidance and support. She went through Gary’s office looking for any words of wisdom in his notes, and what she found overwhelmed her.

Together with her mother Pamela, she set out to collect and showcase his published articles, notes, presentations, testimonials from friends and much more, in a book that celebrates the good life lessons that they fear are in danger of becoming obsolete.

See what Pamela and Olivia Sain say they hope is Gary’s lasting legacy.

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