Christmas Lights Up the Neighborhood


Sometimes, holiday lights can be just the thing to get us out of our houses and spreading good cheer.

Take this tour through a charming neighborhood called Columbus Harbor in Longwood, Florida. Every year, they go all out to bring the holiday spirit to life. The best thing about it is each of the residents does something special.
They block off the streets to only allow pedestrian access, and you walk from home to home, enjoy some freshly popped popcorn, cotton candy and foods of all kinds.
For the kids, they set up bounce houses, have old firetruck rides, hayrides, train rides and they even have a horse-drawn carriage. And every homeowner tries to out-do their neighbor with fantastic light displays.

Watch, enjoy the music of Wayne Gratz, and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Have a holiday video you’d like to share? Do you know of displays we should all see? Get that camera out, take some shots and upload it today!