Get a Feeling You’ve Never Had Before


So you think you can’t dance? Don’t be so sure. Quin Bommelje was 58 and watching Dancing with the Stars when she decided that she wanted to learn to dance. She and her husband Rick, a professor at Rollins, enrolled in a beginner’s class at Arthur Murray. By all accounts they were both terrible. (Learn more about that story here.)

But Quin, who is now 69, has discovered a passion and a talent that she had no idea existed. Today, she and her partner Misha are one of the top dance teams in the world and Quin is competing against and beating dancers — some young enough to be her grandchildren.

Quin and Misha kicked off the 2017 Del Webb Sunbridge Growing Bolder® Awards, presented by Senior Resource Alliance and the Winter Park Health Foundation, with a stunning performance, taking the stage to kick off a celebration of men and women who are smashing stereotypes and confronting ageism.