Gregg Allman: Why the 67-Year-Old Rocker is Not Done Yet!


The demise of the Allman Brothers Band did not result in the demise of Gregg Allman. It taught him that even for rock legends, it is never too late to chase a dream.

Instead of looking at this as an end, all Gregg sees is a new beginning. He seems to be as excited and fired-up about his music as ever.

Now that the band has called it quits, Allman is calling it an opportunity, one he wasn’t sure he’d ever get: The opportunity to focus on his own music, and the opportunity for the 67-year-old to go after achieving a goal he’s had for years.

Gregg Allman
Credit: Alberto Cabello

The Miami Herald caught up with him to find out what it is that he’s always wanted to do, where he sees himself at this point in his career, and why he’s intent on Growing Bolder! Click here to see why even for this legendary rock star, it is never too late!