It’s Electric!


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EVELO Electric Bicycles

You loved riding a bike as a kid, right? Pushing the pedals, listening to the wind whip through the wheels and feeling the freedom that two wheels could provide.

Cycling is a great sport for any age and any fitness level.


Selene Yeager shared her story of weight loss and fitness on a bike with us, and says with the proper fit and practice, it’s a great hobby for anyone.


Pat and Cat Patterson have ridden their bikes across continents together, and they prove that a bike can take you on an incredible journey.


And Glenn Fenster rides to Move Forward. Give Back.™, to raise awareness for disease.

Those athletes have use traditional bikes to get moving, but there’s another option that we think might make sense for you as you chase your own Fountain of Youth: electric bikes.

EVELO Electric Bicycles

First, a quick fact check about electric bikes:

This graphic from EVELO breaks it down a little more:

So, the big question is: where will your bike take you? A few ideas that we think might be fun:

  • Trade out your next commute for a ride on two wheels instead of four. Swapping even one car ride a week can make a big difference in your health and wellness (and you’ll notice a lot more along your route than you do when you’re speeding by!).
  • Challenge your kids or grandkids to a race (and then shock them by turning on the pedal assist).
  • Plan a long-distance ride across your state or even the country, and use it to fundraise for a cause that’s close to your heart.

Be sure to visit Team Growing Bolder for more healthy living tips, and if you’re ready to get your first electric bicycle, our friends at EVELO are ready to answer your questions.