Just Keep Laughing


A world-famous clown and magician, Bev Bergeron’s career has spanned eight decades … and counting. Bev began performing professionally at the age of 14, but rose to fame as Rebo the Clown on the hit CBS TV show Mark Wilson’s Land of Allakazam, which ran on Saturday mornings in the early 1960s.

It wouldn’t be his only turn on a hit show. He later co-starred in Red Skelton’s long-running TV show, which, despite its popularity, was canceled because it wasn’t appearing to the “right” demographic.

Bev takes us back to the days when he shared the stage with greats like Skelton, Lucille Ball and Merv Griffin and shares his opinion on today’s superstar magicians. Here’s a hint: he’s not a big fan. He explains why he thinks magicians like David Blaine and Chriss Angel are “prostituting” the profession. He doesn’t hold back!

Bev also contributed a certain talent to the entertainment community: he invented the technique of making balloon animals out of just one balloon. He shows us that even in his mid-80s, he can still get the job done!

Perhaps Bev’s biggest magic trick of all was how well he invested and managed his money. He explains how he lived a life quite differently from others in Hollywood and how it’s still paying off today for him and his wife.