Powered By Passion (and Electricity)


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EVELO Electric Bicycles

If you have two wheels and a dream, you really can do just about anything. If you need a few role models, look no further than John Susocvich, whom we interviewed on Growing Bolder Radio. John and his wife talked to us as they prepared to make a 24,000 mile, two-year bicycle trip around the world.

Who else pedals with passion?

And then there’s the fascinating story of the co-founders of EVELO Electric Bicycles.

Yevgeniy Mordkovich built an e-bike in his guest room to try to help his wife, who was having trouble keeping up on rides with him. The electric bike not only allowed them to spend more quality, active time together — they were able to make it a family adventure by bringing their young son in a bike trailer.

At the same time, his brother Boris was helping launch the world’s first person-to-person carsharing startup in Boston and San Francisco, which helped him see how today’s society’s relationship with cars is beginning to shift.

Intrigued by combining his brother’s love for electric bikes and his own experiences in transportation, Boris had an idea:


What if we do the first-ever Trans-American electric bike trip on our bikes? By riding 4,000 miles from New York City to San Francisco, we’d be able to really put our bikes through the ultimate, real-world test and ensure that the product can handle anything that our clients will put it through in the future.

And off he went! He and a friend documented the adventure on a special website, inspiring people of all ages and athletic abilities to start thinking about their own passions, and their own Fountain of Youth.


Of course, making your passion your business is something we understand at Growing Bolder, since that’s exactly what we did! Plus, we’ve interviewed some of the most interesting and inspirational inventors and problem-solvers in the world:

So, what are you doing to start Growing Bolder? Whether it’s adventure by bike or something else that gets your wheels turning, we hope you spend every day pursuing your passions.

This story is sponsored by our partners at EVELO Electric Bicycles. See why electric bikes might be perfect for you and your active Growing Bolder lifestyle!