The Motorcycle Matriarch


At the historic and legendary Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida, there was one rider all the attendees were lining up to meet — a 90-year-old petite woman from New Jersey!

Treated like a rock star wherever she goes and mobbed by autograph and photo-seekers, Gloria Struck is the most amazing person on two wheels.

After a lifetime of riding, Gloria estimates she’s traveled more than 650,000 miles on two wheels — and never once on the back of the bike. She explains her lifelong passion for motorcycles and describes the sexist and horrible treatment she used to receive as a female rider.

Plus, she proudly share her natural lifestyle tips, from the foods she eats to her refusal to ever use any anti-wrinkle or aging products. And wait until you hear her plans for her 100th birthday!

Get to know this spitfire and you’ll be inspired to live your passions for your entire life, even when injuries and hardships come your way.