Watch The Timeless Swing Of 103-Year-Old Lindsay Tise, Who Shoots Better Than His Age Once A Week


Last Updated on March 5, 2024

For most amateur golfers, shooting a score lower than their age would be a memorable once-in-a-lifetime achievement. But not for 103-year-old Lindsay Tise. He’s lost count of how many times he’s accomplished the feat because he does it so frequently.

“Most everytime I play I shoot better than my age, and I’m 103! I usually shoot around 100. I’m proud that I’m able to do that.” Tise told Growing Bolder.

This centenarian can say he’s better than half of all golfers worldwide, regardless of age. According to the National Golf Federation, less than 50% of all golfers are able to break 100, and only 26% can score in the 90’s. Of course, younger golfers tend to play from tee boxes of a further length, but it doesn’t stop others from marveling at Tise’s ability. Despite the attention, the North Carolina native simply shrugs it off.

“I think [when they see me], they just say ‘There goes an old man,’” Tise laughed.

Despite his reluctancy for the spotlight, Tise made headlines at the 2022 National Senior Games when he teed it up at Country Club of Coral Springs. Out of more than 12,000 athletes over the age of 50 competing in more than 20 different sports, Tise was the oldest athlete in the competition.

“I feel honored to be the oldest one still playing,” Tise said. “I hope I do [set an example for others].

Check out the slow motion swing of 103-year-old Lindsay Tise from a down-the-line view
Watch Lindsay Tise with his driver in slow motion from a face-on view

Family In The Fairway

On a calm, quiet Monday morning in South Florida, Tise took to the first tee at the National Senior Games alongside 3 other competitors. Without even taking a practice swing, Tise lined up and striped his first drive down the center of the fairway.

With that first swing, Tise had already secured a gold medal, since he was the only golfer in the 100+ age category. However, the 103-year-old said the experience was about more than receiving another award.

“I just enjoy playing. I enjoy being out with other people and being out in the open,” Tise explained.

As he hopped in his cart to head down the first fairway, Tise was not alone. Riding right alongside him was his son Tim.

Lindsay Tise with his son Tim Tise

We don’t get together that often, so we’ve made the last four National Senior Games ‘our thing,’” Tim Tise, 67, said. “It’s wonderful to have him out here. He is an inspiration to all of us.”

“It’s a nice feeling to have him along with me. He’s just a super son,” Lindsay Tise beamed.

Anyone who believes in a stereotype that all older golfers play slow hasn’t met Lindsay Tise. He kept up the fastest pace of play in his group, while showing off a solid swing speed and a delicate touch around the greens.

“Several times I teased him about just going up and hitting the ball, saying ‘You might want to look at it and think about it a little bit first,’ but he just wants to have fun. Sometimes his better shots are when he doesn’t even think about it,” Tim Tise laughed.

A Rock Star of Aging

Tise is a centenarian who is providing a blueprint for how to live a longer, healthier life.

He plays golf at least once per week. He works out at the Wake Forest University gym three times a week, participating in group weight circles, weight resistance exercises and more.

At 103 years old, Tise stills lives alone and is proud of his independence. He still drives his trusty Cadillac, even making trips of over 500 miles to see his family in Georgia.

“It’s real important to me to drive because I live alone, and that’s the only way I’d ever get around,” Tise said.

The North Carolina native points to his love of golf as the key to his longevity and happiness ahead.

“I think it’s helped to keep me going and has helped to keep me healthy,” Tise said. “It’s the exercise, and I’m mentally sharp for 103.

“As long as I can hold a stick, I don’t plan on quitting.”

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This article is featured in the January 2023 issue of The Growing Bolder Digital Digest.

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