Stella Parton


Stella Parton is a singer, songwriter, actress, author, speaker, philanthropist, and yes, Dolly Parton’s sister.

She’s released 16 original studio albums, charted numerous country singles and has appeared on TV, Broadway and in film. Her legendary sister obviously casts a a big shadow but not only is she not bothered by it, she embraces her sister’s example. Stella’s latest project is a tribute to her sister, Dolly, called Mountain Songbird: A Sister’s Tribute, which covers some of her sister’s greatest hits and includes Stella’s original song, Mountain Songbird.

She explains why she’s not only honored to be Dolly’s younger sister, she describes how the two of them have always had each other’s backs.

And in a world of ugly social media interactions, she explains why she not only manages her own accounts, she sees herself as a messenger of hope.

Stella, a domestic violence survivor, also explains how she uses the bad things that have happened to her and turns them into positives by giving back and helping, advising and supporting other women.