Avoid Scams Targeting Seniors with GrandPad


We are living in the middle of an aging revolution. There are now more adults over the age of 50 than ever before in history, with nearly 120 million seniors in the United States today. That number is only growing and is expected to double in the next 40 years. Globally, there are expected to be more than 1 billion adults over the age of 65 by 2030, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

As we celebrate the people who are enjoying an entirely new lifestage – the older adults who are out pursuing their passions and following their dreams no matter their age – it’s important to recognize growing risks targeting this group as well.

It’s especially important to be vigilant during the holiday season. According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, the risk of cyber attacks is increased on holidays, including scams posing as charitable organizations and fraudulent online holiday shopping scams.

Growing Bolder recently spoke with retired FBI Agent Lynn Billings to learn more about scams targeting seniors. Billings was a special agent for nearly 25 years. Her primary investigative experience focused on white-collar crimes, including the areas of finance, healthcare and public corruption. Here are five scams Billings said older adults should look out for:

Top 5 Scams Targeting Seniors

1. Sweetheart Scams
2. Government Impersonators
3. Sweepstakes and Lottery Winnings
4. Financial Abusers
5. Phishing Scams and Robo Calls

As we age, the risk of threats and scams will only increase. But, there is a solution to this important issue. GrandPad is a revolutionary tech company that has developed a safe, easy-to-use tablet that is specifically designed for older adults. Their mission is to improve the lives of millions of seniors by connecting them with their familes, friends and caregivers, standing at the forefront of security and simplicity in this rapidly-changing technological era.

A GrandPad subscription comes with your own private family network. Unlike other tablets and devices in the marketplace, this private network means that only approved family members and friends can access the GrandPad user. It gives older adults the peace of mind of knowing they are safe from internet scams, but still gives them easy access to all the photos, emails, phone calls, video chats and more that happens within their approved private family network.

Dad Quit Answering His Calls After His Friend Was Scammed

GrandPad has created an online space called “Live Grand”, where they share the stories of their users and answer the questions from families to help them feel safe and equipped to connect with their loved ones. A recent Q&A revealed how common scams can be targeting older adults, and how their tablet is the perfect solution:

Dear Live Grand:

My 81-year-old father’s friend was scammed on the phone so now my dad refuses to answer his own calls. It’s good that he understands how older adults are targeted but this is going overboard. Even though Dad’s healthy and reasonably sharp I need to be able to check on him. When I tell him I worry when he doesn’t answer he says he’ll call me more often which he does but that’s not the same. What if he’s sick or hurt? Would a GrandPad make him feel safe enough to answer his phone? – TG

Dear TG:

Your dad sounds well-intentioned even if he is being overly cautious. With a GrandPad he wouldn’t have to worry about scam calls or spam emails since the only people who could call or email him would be trusted friends and family added by the family admin.

Once he understands that with a GrandPad he’d see the caller’s picture we’re certain that he’d respond. He’d immediately see that he could video chat with them just by touching Answer. 

We don’t foresee this happening with your dad, but for others who may be interested GrandPad does provide an option that allows auto-answer to pick up after a set number of rings.

He won’t have to worry about the threat of viruses thanks to GrandPad’s safe Internet app, where he could use YouTube, research with Search and Wikipedia, and enjoy articles and podcasts on Growing Bolder, AARP, and Next Avenue. The family admin can also add your favorite websites so you could go to them easily without having to risk misdirection.

GrandPad tablets are specifically designed to bring the advantages of technology to older adults without the fear and frustration that keeps so many away. Physically, the tablet/phone is comfortable to hold, and the screen and apps are all sized for easy viewing. To charge it, he’d just lay it on the included cradle. There’s a Radio App, and he’d be able to view family photos and videos that you’ve uploaded, too. That means not only sharing precious images of the past but keeping him up to date with new pictures and videos.

We’re certain that knowing your dad had a GrandPad would make you feel more relaxed, TG. Within a very short time, he’d be confidently answering his calls once more. In fact, we think a GrandPad would quickly become a focus of his days as he stays connected with loved ones and enjoys brain-maintaining activities and entertainment.

Click here to learn more about GrandPad, and to chat with their live 24/7 support staff to find out how you can get connected with your family and friends today.

This article was created in partnership with our friends at GrandPad

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