The 10 Keys to Active Longevity


This post is sponsored by our partners at The Gatherings of Lake Nona, a vibrant new community in the Orlando area that epitomizes Growing Bolder’s 10 Keys to Active Longevity. Click here to schedule your visit today.

Almost any area in country has the potential to be a great place to live but very few offer what it takes to thrive as we grow older.  At Growing Bolder we’ve looked closely at the best residential communities in the country in search of those that not only offer a great home to live in but incorporate the features important to active, engaged and healthy aging. The result is Growing Bolder’s 10 Keys to Active Longevity.

1. Strategic Location:

It’s not about where you live but rather what you’re near. Optimizing the power, passion and potential of growing older requires walkability and connectivity to a dynamic community that delivers on all essential needs, desires and services.

2. A Launch Pad to What’s Next:

The best adult communities provide access to lifelong learning opportunities and deliver the inspiration, tools and resources necessary to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

3: Health-Wealth Connection:

The single most important investment that we can make is improving our overall health and fitness. Leveraging the health-wealth connection can dramatically lower what will likely be our greatest expense as we age — healthcare.  The best adult communities integrate fitness and wellbeing opportunities into daily life, helping lower future healthcare costs.


4: Arts and Entertainment Options:

Creative engagement is important to healthy aging. Access to a wide range of arts and entertainment options, both on-site and in the surrounding community, are essential to residents and their out-of-town guests, including grandchildren.

Does your community create opportunities to socialize with your neighbors and friends? It should!

5: Volunteer Opportunities:

Purpose-driven engagement is a critical and often overlooked component of active longevity. The desire to make a difference in the lives of others and in the community in which we live only grows as we age. Having easy access to a wide variety of volunteer opportunities is critical to healthy aging.

6: World Class Healthcare:

Even if we active pursue health and wellbeing, occasional health setbacks are a fact of life, especially as we grow older. Life-saving advances in technology and medicine are occurring almost daily. Living in close proximity to world-class healthcare can help provide access to these breakthroughs.


7: Lock and Leave Security and Proximity to a Major Airport:

Active adults are on the move and benefit from the ability to lock and leave with confidence, knowing that everything is safe and secure and will be maintained. Easy access to a major airport is essential for traveling and the convenience of  out-of-town guests.

8: Lifestyle Enabling Amenities:

Most active adults are anxious to downsize their home but not their lifestyle. Low-maintenance, energy-efficient living that doesn’t come with a daily to-do list is critical.   Open and flexible floor plans that facilitate entertaining and accommodate visitors, incorporate natural light and offer plenty of storage are important.


9: Intergenerational Opportunities:

Living in an enclave of like-minded adults inside or adjacent to a larger, intergenerational community is the ultimate win-win. Intergenerational relationships have been proven to increase self-esteem, improve mental health and boost performance.


10: Employment Opportunities:

There’s a new life stage that holds an opportunity for three or four decades of active life beyond normal retirement age. Many will continue to work into their 70s, 80s, and 90s — some because they want to and others because they have to.  Living near a business community that offers multiple opportunities for employment is important.

Now that you’re inspired to find your perfect community, see why we’re proud to highlight the Gatherings of Lake Nona, a community that epitomizes Growing Bolder’s 10 Keys to Active Longevity! See the keys listed above in action and learn more about this bold new community.