The Greatest of All Time


It’s hard to exaggerate just how big a star Mike Sigel is in his sport. While Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA, no one could touch Mike in billiards. He was simply amazing. It seemed preposterous that someone could be inducted into a hall of fame at the age of 35, but in Sigel’s case, it seemed long overdue! He began playing at the age of 13 and turned pro by the time he was 20 when he won his first US Open. Since then he’s won over 100 pro tournies including 6 US Opens and 10 World Championships. Never one to waste time, he holds the world record for quickest 150-And-Out. For many years he carried the sport on his shoulders.

When he stepped back from playing, his connection to the sport grew even stronger. As it’s best ambassador he’s appeared on every major network and many, many others. He even had his moment in the movies, starring as himself in Baltimore Bullet. he also worked with Paul Newman and Tom Cruise the The Color Of Money where Mike went behind the camera to serve as technical advisor, choreographer and instructor for the movie. You may have seen him in any number of magazines, Sports Illustrated, Life, People, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Playboy, Parade and more.

He retired in 1994 after having the most successful tour victories of any player and continued to do special appearances, charity events, exhibitions for major corporations, ESPN guest commentator and lessons. In 1998 he won an Invitational 9 ball event in Paris, France, his first tournament since retiring and went on to come out of retirement again in 2004 to play and WIN the Steve Mizerak 9 Ball tournament.

The last 11 years he has been personally handcrafting the best hitting pool cue on the market. August of 2005 has brought Sigel out of full retirement to Play Professionally for the International Pool Tour; at the World Championship in Las Vegas to win the tournament and take home $150,000.00 . His focus today is to play and promote the new tour.