Gordon Lightfoot

For more than 50 years, Gordon Lightfoot has written and recorded some of the most beautiful and thoughtful songs ever created. We catch up with the man who Bob Dylan calls his mentor to discuss his 50+ years in the business about his career and why changes to the music business excite, rather than frighten, him.

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Bill Curreri

Growing up in Greenwich Village in the ’60s, Bill Curreri fell in love with music, but as is often the case, life pushed him in another direction. Now, at 63, he’s just released his first album and he explains what you can take away from his story.

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Why Tom Rush Refuses to Hurry

Tom Rush is an incredible talent with big-time celebrity fans who chose stability over celebrity. Now, 50 years later, he may be on the verge of achieving both thanks to a YouTube video, of all things.

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Roger McGuinn in Studio: Part 2

We’re taking you back inside the studio with rock legend Roger McGuinn, and this time he’s explaining how Mr. Tambourine evolved from a demo that no one in the band really liked to the classic you know and love today.

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