Gordon Lightfoot


In his 50+ years in the music business, Gordon Lightfoot has written and recorded some of the most beautiful hits of all time. He’s the man behind songs like “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” “Rainy Day People,” and “Sundown.” And he’s not done yet.

Over his career, he’s already recorded 20 albums that have sold millions of copies. He’s had five songs reach No. 1 and 13 in the Top 40. His songs have been recorded by everyone from Elvis Presley to Bob Dylan to Jane’s Addiction. He’s nothing short of a legend.

Gordon chats with Growing Bolder Radio about his long and fascinating career, including his long friendship with Dylan and why they each consider the other his mentor.

Did you know Gordon suffered from an aortic aneurysm and a stroke? He describes how his previous 18 years of good health, including quitting drinking, exercising and focusing on nutrition, likely saved his life. He also reveals how terrified he was that he may never be able to play guitar again after the stroke.

Plus, you’d think someone with his long career would fear the changing landscape of today’s music scene but he tells us it excites him. Find out more.