Overcoming the Other Pandemic: Physical Inactivity


In the age of coronavirus, we’ve had to make many adjustments to our daily lives. One of the most challenging things has been maintaining or even establishing healthy exercise habits. An explosion of options have hit the market but few address the full spectrum of our needs, including workouts, diet plans and motivation.

Liz Grantham is the founder of TheOptimal.me and she joins the team at Growing Bolder’s What’s Next to explain why it’s so important for those 50 and older to focus on movement. She explains the site’s integrated movement routines and why they’re so critical to incorporate into our habits as we age to help us keep our physical freedom as long as possible.

And as many of us are spending more and more time sitting, Grantham explains why this is so dangerous to our overall health. She shares what she’s learned about functional movement and how moving as little as 15 minutes a day can transform our lives and health.

Note: this conversation is sponsored by TheOptimal.me, which is currently offering a free 30-day trial.