Why the Arts are Essential to Our Wellbeing


How many of you have turned to the arts during this global pandemic? Whether it’s painting, crafting, reading or watching films and TV, the arts have had a crucial role in making many of us feel better. Have you thought about creating art yourself? It’s easier than you think!

Joshua Vickery is the Founder and Executive Director of Central Florida Community Arts, one of the largest, most vibrant community arts organizations in the nation. CFC Arts has made the arts relatable and possible to those who never dreamed they’d act, sing or play an instrument, from young children to those in their senior years.

Vickery explains how his organization has reimagined itself in the wake of COVID-19 and mobilized to bring as many programs to people’s homes as possible, including workshops, lessons and even concerts.

He also offers encouragement to those who think they aren’t creative. Yes, you are!

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