Philipp Djang: A Fish Out of Water

Philipp Djang is one of the most decorated swimmers in National Senior Games history. How is he surviving life during the pandemic, which means the end of swim practices? Growing Bolder checks in with him to discuss this and more.

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The Case for Masters Sports

There is something happening across the world that is changing aging — the amazing growth of interest and participation in senior or masters sports. Kyle Case is the CEO of the Huntsman World Senior Games, an event that draws nearly 12,000 athletes to its annual competition. He explains why master sports are booming and shares tips for getting involved yourself.

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Charles Eugster

Charles Eugster is a 96-year-old superman who is the greatest athlete in the world over the age of 90. He says you can discover your own Fountain of Youth at any age. He didn’t find his until his mid-60s!

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Jerry Levasseur

At the age of 6, Jerry Levasseur nearly burned to death during a massive fire at the circus. He overcame his injuries and grief to become a world champion. Now in his mid-70s, he’s a running superstar. Find out how he overcame incredible obstacles in life.

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Eleanor Pendergraft

She was disabled and in a wheelchair for 20 years. Then she got up and began to reclaim her life. Wait until you hear Eleanor Pendergraft’s incredible story of trying new things and storming back to an active life.

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