Eleanor Pendergraft


For the last 25 years, Eleanor Pendergraft has been disabled with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. She spent 20 years in a wheelchair and then five years ago, she started working out in a gym six days a week.

Today, she competes in the Senior Olympics, has been named one of the Blue Cross’s top 20 most inspirational people and has been featured in a TV commercial.

Eleanor explains the news from her doctor that motivated her to fight back. She shares how difficult her first day at the gym was but why kept going.

She explains how even double knee replacements couldn’t keep her off the track. She explains how participating in the Senior Olympics not only changed her body but also her mental health by introducing her to a new group of friends and inspirational people.

Eleanor also explains why you don’t need a major medical emergency to start changing your life. She lists all of the other medications she used to be on and how she got off them all thanks to running.