A Family Struggle Leads To A Technological Revolution For Older Adults

Scott Lien saw a technological divide forming in his own family, as his older relatives struggled to communicate and connect with standard devices. He created a revolutionary tablet specifically designed to make it easier for older adults to get online in a safe way.

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GrandPad is a streamlined, easy-to-use product specifically designed to get older adults online in a safe way. Attend a free webinar to see a demonstration on all of its features. 

Increase Your Health and Wellbeing By Staying Connected Online

Avoid Scams Targeting Seniors with GrandPad

Older adults are often the targets of scams that attempt to steal money and private identity information. Find out what the top 5 cons and hoaxes are focusing on older adults from a former FBI agent, and how an advanced tech company called GrandPad has created a secure tablet specifically designed to protect seniors on the internet.

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