Adolph Hoffman


The definitions of active lifestyles are being rewritten every day in this country. And 87-year-old Adolph Hoffman is leading the charge.

He’s a multisport athlete who beats the competition at every turn, including people half his age.

Adolph, a World War II veteran, says he played baseball until he was nearly 40 but then he got busy with his family and career. When he was 70, things finally slowed down, and that’s when Adolph started picking up speed.

He started participating in track and field events, including pole vault, which he excelled at in high school. Soon, he was competing in high jump, long jump, discus, hammer throw, 100 meter and 200 meter events.

A decade later, he started playing hardball again after more than 40 years away from the diamond.

Adolph explains why he loves to compete and reveals his big plans for breaking a world record at the 2011 Senior Olympics.