Christopher Rufo


Christopher Rufo is the co-founder of the Documentary Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to documentary production, education and outreach.

His first film received a lot of international attention. It’s called “Age of Champions” and it shares the inspiring stories of five athletes training for and then competing in the National Senior Games. 

“Age of Champions” has been in limited release since 2011 but it recently made its national online premiere and will soon air on PBS stations nationwide. It’s also available for private screenings to organizations that ant to spark a community discussion on health, wellness and active aging. 

Christopher tells us more about the incredible and inspirational athletes featured and how their examples of being vibrant and active in their 80s and beyond is a lesson for us all. 

He also talks about how he see attitudes toward older people changing in the media, in both Hollywood and the news industry. He explains why it’s so important to keep shining a light on those who are smashing stereotypes about aging, one world record at a time.

Click here to watch the trailer for “Age of Champions” and find out where you can catch a screening or request one for your next group meeting.