Anne Abernathy


Anne Abernathy is one of the most remarkable athletes in the world. She made her first Olympic Games appearance at the age of 34 and has since competed in six Winter Olympics in the luge. 

She is the first female six-time Winter Olympian and the oldest Winter Olympian ever, earning her the nickname “Grandma Luge.”

She’s got something even more amazing planned. She has now switched to the sport of archery and is training for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. If she makes it, she will be 63 at the time and the only female to ever compete in a combined seven Winter and Summer Olympics.

Anne explains why she has no interest in slowing down and how she’s always looking for ways to chase new, seemingly unachievable, challenges. 

She describes the rich history of archery for older athletes and why she’s excited to follow in the footsteps of other groundbreakers.

Find out how she fared in her first international archery competition at the recent World Cup. 

She also has a message for all cancer survivors who are told they can’t do things. Decades after her diagnosis, she explains why she never believed she couldn’t do anything.