Winifred Pristell


Even though we all have aches and pains in life, there is no excuse for sitting on the couch. Don’t believe us? Just ask 74-year-old weightlifter Winifred Pristell, who overcame obesity, heavy drinking and arthritis to become a world record-holder.

She’s set state, national and world records in bench press and deadlift and wants you to know it’s never too late to improve your overall health and fitness or to take up a new hobby.

In her 40s, Winifred was working long, hard hours as a barber. She says the only things she did were work, eat and drink. 

But after a health scare, she asked her daughter to start walking with her and within a year she was walking three miles a day.

She says she had to hit rock bottom to start making changes in her life but she hopes you won’t wait that long. 

Find out how she overcame her arthritis to start weight lifting and why she wants seniors to get moving so they, too, can eventually get rid of their wheelchairs and walkers. 

Wait until you find out how much weigh she lifts and why she’s smashing stereotypes about strength and aging.