Dan Buettner


Dan Buettner is an explorer, educator, co-producer of an Emmy Award-winning documentary and the best-selling author who started the Blue Zones after traveling the world for National Geographic magazine to find where people live the longest and healthiest lives.

He also holds three world records for endurance bicycling.

He says his travels have taught him some really good news for the rest of the world — the people who live in the Blue Zones, these pockets of longevity, don’t share one specific diet or a particular kind of exercise. But they all live active, social lives that include moderation in what they eat and drink. In other words, you can do it.

Find out where the five Blue Zones are located, including the area that has mostly eliminated dementia from its population through lifestyle choices.

Dan is now trying to translate what he’s learned from the actual Blue Zones into many of our communities with Blue Zone Urban projects. He explains what this is and how you can bring this philosophy to your city. Dan says he’s helping cities learn how to not hound people to change their habits but instead, change the cities themselves so that the healthy and active options are the easy options.

He explains why he’s not a fan of forcing exercise or diet programs on people; instead, he wants people to focus on their environment and find things that are active but more importantly fun.

Plus, find out how big of a role your friends play in your health and longevity.

And are the Blue Zones disappearing? Dan reveals what he’s found, what he fears for their futures, and how we can recreate these areas.