Dr. Henry Lodge


What if you could turn back your biological clock? What if after the age of 50, you can become functionally younger every year for the next 10 years, and then continue to live like your 50 well into your 80s?

That’s what a pair of books called “Younger Next Year” and “Younger Next Year for Women” are all about.  They’re written by Dr. Henry Lodge, a prominent medical doctor who specializes in cellular and evolutionary biology.

Dr. Lodge has seven rules to live by in order to turn back the biological clock, and topping the list is exercise. He says people need to stop worrying about what the minimum is they can do to get by and instead start focusing on what true and lasting benefits a dedicated exercise regime can bring to your life.

He also says loading up on bad food can actually trick your body into thinking its starving to death. Find out what simple changes you can make today to start helping your body live up to its full potential.