Dr. Marc Agronin


What does it mean to grow old?

For many, it’s a tough concept to wrap their brains around and even tougher to acknowledge will someday happen to them.

But Marc Agronin, M.D. is tackling the issue head on.

In his new book, “How We Age: A Doctor’s Journey Into the Heart of Growing Old,” the Harvard and Yale-educated geriatric psychiatrist tries to show a different side of aging.

He says we all age. There’s no fighting it. But when we’re younger, we have so many fears and misconceptions about what it’s all about. He wanted to bust those myths and illustrate all the ways we can control and improve the way we age.

Dr. Agronon is the Director of Mental Health and Clinical Research at the Miama Jewish Health Systems, home of one of the nation’s largest nursing homes.

Although nursing homes can be lonely, cold places, Dr. Agronin says those are things we have control over. He wants to show others how to create places where people can come to learn, live and thrive.

He says his research and interaction with patients has taught him that anyone can learn to live better, at any age.

He explains the many health benefits of keeping socially active throughout one’s entire life and predicts how he thinks Boomers are going to change the way we age.

Dr. Agronin says the actions we take today to improve the way we take care of our elderly will have a profound impact on all of our futures.

To learn much more about Dr. Agronin’s research and his book, click here to visit his website.