Dr. Susan Mitchell


Dr. Susan Mitchell is a well-known licensed nutritionist and registered dietician who gets it. She sorts through confusion, misinformation and blatant commercialization on food products and tells us exactly what we need to know.

She has appeared on The Today Show, CNN and the Food Network and is on the Health Advisory Board of Family Circle magazine.

She’s the author of 3 books, including “I’d Kill for a Cookie” and “Eat to Stay Young” and she hosts the popular podcast, Straight Talk about Eating Smart.

And we’re thrilled to announce that Dr. Mitchell is now Growing Bolder’s Nutrition Expert. You’ll be hearing regular reports from her on the Growing Bolder Radio Show and online with her Growing Bolder With … video segments.

Dr. Mitchell, who is a self-admitted chocoholic, says everyone eats. Nutrition is about food — it’s not about do this and don’t do that. She says she wants to give you the tools you need to empower your health decisions.

Find out why she believes diet really is a four-letter word and how she helps people learn to make small changes and tweaks to make them feel better but not deprived.

She shares her tips for lowering your blood pressure, including foods you can add to your diet that will lower your blood pressure naturally.

Plus, is sea salt actually any better for you? She shares the surprising answer.

Read Dr. Mitchell’s blogs and listen to her podcasts at susanmitchell.org.

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