Jim Morris


Jim Morris is a bodybuilding icon who, at the age of 77, is more ripped, stronger and healthier than ever.

He’s a former Mr. New York, Mr. California, Mr. America and Mr. Universe, and he won the Mr. Olympia title in the over-60 division.

At age of 50, he became a vegetarian, slowly transitioning to a completely vegan diet. PETA just asked him to be a poster boy for a vegan diet.

He tells us how he learned to listen to his body and feed it what it needs and why he’s never been starving on a vegan diet.  

Jim has been smashing stereotypes throughout his entire life — he competed at a time when people said it was impossible for a black man to win bodybuilding titles; he’s been openly gay for years and now he’s proving a lifestyle without animal products can still result in a healthy, strong body — at any age. 

He explains why he thinks age is your friend and how it’s helped him get into better shape. 

For some of his training tips and to see more photos from his competitions, click here to visit his site.