John Elder Robison


Have you ever felt like there’s something a bit off with you or that you don’t quite fit in? You may not be able to put your finger on it but something tells you you’re different than everybody else. 

John Elder Robison grew up in the 1960s before anybody really understood what Asperger’s syndrome was. In fact, we knew very little about autism at all. Instead of being limited by it, John found a way to thrive. Today, he’s a well-known autism and Asperger’s spokesman and a best-selling author.

In his latest book, “Raising Cubby: A Father and Son’s Adventures with Asperger’s,” John is changing the way people think about and understand Asperger’s.

He explains why the idea of writing the book filled him with anxiety but why he felt he needed to say these things. 

John talks about both his and his son’s conditions weren’t diagnosed for many years and how his son’s brilliance and aptitude for chemistry nearly got him arrested. He explains what he wishes the public most understood about Asperger’s and autism and how we can all benefit from education … and compassion. 

Plus, wait until you hear how John found himself designing guitars for KISS. 

Click here to visit John’s website to learn more about “Raising Cubby” and his other books, plus information on John’s autism consulting services.