Cindy Joseph


Since the 1970s, Cindy Joseph has been a celebrity makeup artist. Even then, in an era of foundation, heavy blush and blue eye shadow, she’s always emphasized a clean, natural look. 

Then, her life suddenly took an additionally inspiring twist when, at the age of 49, she became a Ford Agency supermodel.

She did it not by covering up her age but by embracing it in a way that’s made her a pro-aging sensation. She’s been featured in ads for clothing stores and on the pages of magazines like Oprah, Glamour and Mademoiselle — all the time being a makeup minimalist.

Cindy talks about her unexpected career in front of the camera and her own makeup line called Boom. 

She talks about how frustrating it is that women are told their value goes down as their age goes up. She says this starts as young as 30 to 35. Cindy explains why she’s trying to emphasize the beauty in aging and why she wants more and more women to celebrate and accept their age. 

And would you ever throw all of your makeup away? That’s exactly what Cindy did when she realized it was time to start over and go au natural before eventually and slowly adding minimal makeup back into her daily routine. 

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