Lucky Meisenheimer


Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer proves that you can be successful and still have a fun, crazy side at the same time.

He’s a well-respected dermatologist and the holder of several Guinness World Records, including the world’s largest yo-yo collection and for swimming backwards with his toes in his mouth.

He’s also a masters swimmer, coaches the Special Olympics swim team, a filmmaker and the author of an upcoming novel.

Oh, and every morning, he invites strangers to come to his very nice home and join him for Lucky’s Lake Swim.

He explains why some of his most dedicated and fiercest swimmers are those in their 70s, especially people who have only recently rediscovered the sport they used to be so passionate about.

In fact, it was Lucky who convinced GB’s Marc Middleton to start swimming again after 30 years out of the pool. And just two years later, Marc was part of a world record-breaking swim relay team.

But perhaps the thing Lucky’s most passionate about is his work with the Special Olympics. For the past 17 years, he has coached one of the country’s largest and most successful Special Olympics swim teams. He explains how he thought he was signing up for a one-year gig, but now he just can’t seem to step away from.

Find out how the swim program helps his swimmers become more confident in their every day lives and their interactions with mainstreamed society.

Now that he’s over 50, he keeps pushing forward with new projects, including his new novel which will be released in May. Lucky gives us a sneak peak at the plot and reveals what he’s got planned next.