GB CEO Leads by Example

Growing Bolder Founder and CEO Marc Middleton has been named one of the top swimmers in the world in his age group. Find out how your stories inspired him to return to the pool after a 35-year absence and get inspired to find a new or rediscover an old passion in your life.

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The Old Fossil

While Graham Johnston might be known as the old fossil, he is anything but petrified or prehistoric. This 85-year-old might be called one of the world’s foremost. We catch him in action at a swim meet, where he not only sets even more world records, he shares tales from the road and his fascinating life.

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Life in the Fast Lane

With her rainbow swim cap and megawatt smile, swimmer Charlotte Sanddal is hard to miss in the pool. Then when you discover she’s not only a national champion, she’s also 94 years old, you realize you’re never going to forget her.

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Adult Swimmers

Learn to Swim at Any Age

Are you one of the nearly 40 percent of adults who can’t swim the length a pool? U.S. Masters Swimming wants to help you learn to swim at any age. Not only could it lead to your new favorite way to get and stay fit, it just might save your life.

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Jeff Farrell

Jeff Farrell is the fastest 75+ swimmer who has ever lived but it’s what he did at the 1960 Olympics that is still making waves. He shares the inside story of one of the most amazing stories in Olympic history.

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Diann Uustal

Diann Uustal survived two horrendous accidents and both times, doctors said she most likely would never walk again. But her recovery has been nothing short of amazing. We talk to the world-record holding swimmer about the art of the comeback.

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