Diann Uustal


Diann Uustal wears many caps. 

She’s a registered nurse specializing in palliative care; a doctor of education who helps families deal with the imminent death of loved ones; one of the world’s top medical ethicists; the author of nine books; president of her own company; an in-demand speaker worldwide; a triathlon coach; a world-record holding masters swimmer and a grandmother.

But we’re not talking to her for any of those many, worthy reasons. She’s here because she’s the 2013 winner of the Growing Bolder Inspiration Award, which is handed out every year at the Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic.  

Diann survived two horrendous accidents and both times, doctors said she most likely would never walk again. But her recovery has been nothing short of amazing.

We talk to Diann about her incredible comebacks and how she manages to not only compete at such a high level but just live while dealing daily with chronic pain. 

She explains how swimming and some extraordinary medical personnel saved her life and why goal setting was crucial to her recovery.