Marilyn Kentz


Marilyn Kentz has one of the sharpest, brightest and funniest minds around. She is a comedian, writer, sitcom star, storyteller and a fearless warrior for women. She was part of the comedy duo “The Mommies” and is the author of several books, including “The Mother Load” and “Not Your Mother’s Midlife.” 

It’s hard to believe but her latest work may have topped them all.

For anyone who has ever discovered a chin hair or perhaps have body parts that seem to have shifted, this is the show for you. In her one-woman show “Will I Ever War a Bikini Again?” Marilyn tells it like it is!

We talk to her about this new show and find out how she overcame some hardships in her life, including losing her home to the recession and battling depression, yet still found a way to keep laughing and changing her perspective and outlook.

She describes why she doesn’t run away from her age (she’s in her mid-60s) and why she wants women to embrace it and celebrate each other. Plus, find out why she thinks it’s so critical for women to foster and keep friendships throughout their lives.

Click here to visit Marilyn’s website and find out you can catch Marilyn’s show yourself.